Honorariums & Memorials


In Honor of Jane Wuthrich

In Memory of Rosemary Noecker

Through an honorarium or a memorial, you can recognize loved ones with a gift that helps neighbors in our community connect with the resources they need.

If you have any questions, please email Justin at Justin@RideCTN.org or call (260) 420-3407


In Honor Of Caroline & Dean

In Memory of Ronald Bryan


In Honor Of Caroline & Dean

In Honor Of Jill, Dave and Joshua Zahm

In Honor Of Becky Weimerskirch

In Honor Of CTN Drivers

In Memory of Kira Downey

In Honor Of Seth Ziegel

In Memory of Wayne Goldsmith

In Honor Of Dan Ross

In Honor Of Deb McBride

In Honor Of Doug Pepples

In Memory of Bill and Gert Michell

In Memory of Ross and Pat Ehle

In Memory of Tom Hullinger

In Memory of Jenna Fisher Jeske

In Honor Of Margaret Burke

In Memory Of Lois Houck


In Memory of Steve Cheviron Sr.

In Memory of Dick Kessie

In Memory of Terry “Smitty” Smith

In Honor of Becky Weimerskirch

In Memory of William Rutherford White and Alice Rath White