Giving Tuesday 2022

Give the Gift of Transportation

Imagine being in the hospital and being told you need to start kidney dialysis three times a week, and unless you can secure transportation to the dialysis center, your only option is to move into an assisted living facility. Or imagine you’re several miles away from the nearest grocery store and you usually walk (because you can’t drive), but the temperatures have started to drop below 40 during the day. Scenarios like this are hard to imagine for those of us with dependable transportation. Yet, they’re commonplace for those without. Stories like this can be hard to hear, but they’re real and happen every day.

Each year, CTN provides more than 20,000 rides to medical resources in our community, and last year we provided more than 1,100 rides to the grocery. But we want to do more, the need is certainly present in our community. You have the opportunity to help.

This #GivingTuesday, CTN invites you to give the gift of transportation. Through this unique effort, your gift will not only cover the gap in operating costs between a rider’s fee and the actual cost – but it’s covering the rider’s fee too! Free transportation, just in time for the holidays!

Join us in providing free rides to the grocery, doctor’s office, and even dialysis — all for free for the rider!

Best of all, every gift is being matched by The James Foundation! That means, when you buy a week of therapy rides, The James Foundation buys a week. When you buy dialysis rides for a month, The James Foundation does the same thing.

You can even mix and match your ride donations! Just click the quantity next to each ‘ticket’. Don’t worry about giving the tickets to riders – we’ll take care of that!