Critical Response Grant

Foellinger Foundation announces Critical Response Grant

Foellinger Foundation announces it has awarded a $55,000 Critical Response Grant to St. Joseph Community Health Foundation in a partnership to support COVID-19 vaccination efforts for those with the greatest economic need and least opportunity.

The grant will help The St. Joe Foundation address the lower rate of awareness and trust in vaccinations among Black, Hispanic, Burmese, and other underserved communities in Allen County.

Thank you Foellinger Foundation for this Critical Response Grant and to the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation for working to ensure that everyone has access to a vaccine.

“Transportation is a major issue for many people during normal times, let alone in the face of the pandemic. Because of this grant, we will be able to provide 600 rides for people in our community,” said Justin Clupper, Executive Director at Community Transportation Network. “We will also provide matching dollars in a partnership through Uber.”

This press announcement video features Ed Kominowski, President and CEO, Foellinger Foundation; Meg Distler, Executive Director, St. Joseph Community Health Foundation; Sharon Tubbs, Director, HealthVisions Midwest of Fort Wayne; Justin Clupper, Executive Director, CTN; and Ana Giusti, Latina Coordinator, Fort Wayne Center for Nonviolence.


Foellinger Foundation Awards Vaccine Grant